PixelHost Set to Launch June 1st

After many months, Dropstr Inc is set to launch its new hosting services under PixelHost. The new service caters to media sites running on WordPress who wish to scale their site and reduce load times. Response time is everything in the online world and PixelHost can reduce those times down to under half a second. Whether its podcast hosting, email groups or exchanges, and/or web hosting, PixelHost can manage it all.

PixelHost runs managed hosting solutions, we upgrade and maintain your site for you. We’ll you worry about the media, let us worry about the back end. Designed exclusively for WP installations from the ground up, we use special custom code to scale your site for you at a fraction of the cost it would normally take to run your own dedicated server.

Leviathyn Spins Off News

After many years of service, Leviathyn is moving the news coverage off its website and to a new sister site GameNews.io. Effective on May 18th, no more news coverage will be covered on Leviathyn.com. Senior editor Blake Anglin is now the official editor in chief for GameNews. We welcome the new staff and writers at GameNews.

Leviathyn Shoots First Podcast

The Leviathyn Staff have begun shooting the first podcast for our official “LeviaCast”, recording weekly with Ronald Hoffecker, Cassidee Moser, and Jason Fanelli as host.

Leviathyn Joins Alltop Gaming

Good news everyone, we have been added to the amazing feed aggregation network run co-founded by Guy Kawasaki, Alltop. A congrats all around to the Leviathyn team for reaching such a cool milestone!

Dropstr Launches Modmojo

We are pleased to announce the launch of our official network for mods, extensions, downloads, and plugins, modmojo.com  Modmojo is for all things modded in the tech industry and else where. We welcome the new blog under our vast growing network.

Leviathyn – Mega Man Week

This week sparks off the official theme weeks idea, starting with none other than Mega Man. We have recently reached out with Capcom on hosting the event and will be giving away some cool prizes this week! So what are you waiting on, head on over to leviathyn to see all the articles this week around Mega Man.

JumpNShoot Name Change


We have changed the name from jumpnshoot to casual.leviathyn.com. JumpNShoot will now be moved under the leviathyn brand, which will increase traffic and over all experience for our fanbase. After a long trial, we have come to the conclusion of adding JmS to the leviathyn name, under the casual sub-domain. This will take effect immediately and we thank you for you support.

No changes are needed if you are subscribed to either our RSS feed or via email.